Frederick Grimes - Solitude [BEAT TAPE]

Solitude is Frederick Grimes' first solo instrumental project. Featuring a wide variety of sounds while still maintaining a cohesive vibe throughout, this project is a jumping off point for Grimes and his style of production that is both unique and versatile.  

Frederick Grimes - Ghost

Frederick Grimes is back with a new offering in the form of "Ghost", a short track packed to the brim with witty worldplay, philosophical musings and existential bars, prefaced with a classic Jay Z/Jay Electronica homage: "I spit that wonderama (wonder rhymer) shit // shine bright in light of this..."  


If i had to describe "Cool Ya Jets Vol 2" in one word it would undoubtedly be "silky". Just imagine an old lady in the middle of a vast field, her bare feet pressing softly against the healthiest perennial grass in the state of Oregon. The sun casts a tranquilizing beam of warmth, easing her soul as time stands still. What is she doing out there by herself? Her weathered fingers move meticulously as she unpins her dry laundry from a rusty clothes line. Imagine this in black and white; She is now shaking out an extremely long white bed sheet, moving frame by frame in a crisp slow motion picture. No specific emotion is discernible in the ladies blank stare, but It's obvious that she's been doing this for quite some time. The breeze flows calmly through her grey hair as the scent of lupine flowers subdues the anguish and stress amassed over many years of life. Memories of simpler times lay dormant in her subconscious mind, manifesting themselves as idle passing thoughts, less and less as time transpires unforgivingly. My whole point here is that this is much more than your average hip-hop project. I literally opened my fucked up life to everyone and let the sheet fight against the wind in such a beautiful way. Don't just listen to Cool ya Jets.. feel it in your soul - Mannovelli 

Artwork for Mannovelli's "Cool Ya Jets Vol. 2" 

Artwork for Mannovelli's "Cool Ya Jets Vol. 2


What and who is "Keet Richards”? The play on words obviously begins with the famous Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. Now lets take a deeper look at the Stones as a band. Their approach on music was extremely influential. They came equipped with an open mind and vast creativity in everything they did, while maintaining that “I don’t give a fuck” mentality common in rock music. This mentality is meant to inspire people to break free from social norms and question certain components of society that may not lend to the encouragement of creativity. So who is "Keet Richards” exactly? KEET RICHARDS is a brand thats offers fresh perspectives and ideas, similar to the way that many 60’s artists and musicians approached life as a whole.

People might ask how Keith Richards and skateboarding are at all related. Lets begin by dissecting skateboarding as a whole. The fundamental attribute in skating it self is CREATIVITY. Creativity leads to Individuality and individuality leads to creativity. But Does one feed the other, or are they nestled tightly together as they grow harmoniously? Perhaps one feeds the other and vice versa; If you are being creative you're being an individual. And individuality definitely breeds creativity. Now apply this exact mentality to skateboarding. As a skateboarder you see the world in a completely different way than everyone else. The world is your playground, you are forever encompassed by the peter pan syndrome, never quite transcending that child like joy that exists when you find that perfect hand rail. People often look at skaters as vandals or low-lifes, but shouldn’t we view this type of mentality and outlook as a new beginning? A new and fresh perspective on life? Shouldn’t that be liberating? 

Keet Richards is the embodiment of all these concepts; To go out there and be creative, spread positive energy, and inspire others as well as yourself. Fuck a social norm. If you’re unable to see the world for its infinite possibilities and endless opportunity then what exactly are you living for?  Where is your individuality? Where is your creativity? How do you express yourself in life? The mentality of KEET RICHARDS is not exclusive to skateboarding. It's a fresh perspective that is applicable to any artistic endeavor and ultimately life itself. Don’t let yourself become a mindless sheep moving with the herd. Take a step back and you'll probably find a little bit of KEET RICHARDS within yourself. 


Dylijens - Unholy Infringements Vol. 2" (Remix Tape)

This christmas the homie Dylijens gifted the world with Vol. 2 of his “Unholy Infringement” series. The tape features 25 remixes, flipped/flopped/freaked in flawless fashion. Dylijens is repping Baltimore and the Llamadon movement as well as Basement Rap. The dude is not only a nifty producer (as this offering certainly proves), but a skilled word smith as well. This tape features Stolen goods from: Future, Shaggy, Nas, Gucci, Young Thug, 21 Savage, Migos, Butch Dawson, Bonecrusher, Lil Jon, Common, Kanye West, DMX and more! Download for free on Bandcamp

UllNevaNo - Stop Rhyming (LOOSIE)

Baltimore emcee UllNevaNo has had a very productive year, dropping a few releases from "Confidence is Everything" produced by Illien rosewell (a limited cassette tape released thru Already Dead Tapes) and "Adventure Rhyme" produced by [w]. Closing out 2015, Neva decided to let loose a raw verse, getting busy over the classic Premier beat "Rhyme No More" as a thank you to his listeners and followers,  letting them know he's going to have his foot on there neck in 2016. So sit back, enjoy and share this with as many people as possible.

Nonchalant - Imperium Anima Part II (Mixtape)

Nonchalant just recently dropped part two of his Imperium Anima series. Nonch is aiming to bring some soul back to the hip-hop game w/ this refreshing jazzy release… The tape is very well put together, with production from Dilla, Freddie Joachim, .sinh, and Psymun (just to name a few). A good listen from start to finish. Listen/purchase the tape now on Bandcamp